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Sports Weekly All-Media Special Correspondent in Italy Shen Tianhao


Go straight to the cloud. On the day of the Derby, Gazzetta dello Sport used a poster like this to set off the atmosphere of the game. Ibrahimovic at 1.95 meters and Lukaku at 1.91 meters stand in the clouds, behind the tiny Milan CBD. The front end of the standings has direct conversations, and the top centers face off against each other. How long has it been since this grand scene has appeared in Milan? Niles Nordal, Klinsmann Basten, Vieri Shevchenko-before the Lukaku-Ibrahimovic matchup, the Milan Derby had already witnessed countless great centers Compete in the same field. Compared with their predecessors, the Belgian striker and the Swedish tower may not be so outstanding in scoring rate, but they win in an "all-around".

直奔云。在德比战的那天,Gazzetta dello Sport使用了这样的海报来衬托比赛的气氛。 1.95米处的易卜拉欣莫维奇(Ibrahimovic)和1.91米处的卢卡库(Lukaku)站在云层中,位于微小的米兰中央商务区后面。排行榜的前端有直接的对话,而最高的中心彼此面对。自从这个宏伟的场面出现在米兰多久了?尼尔斯·诺达尔(Niles Nordal),克林斯曼·巴斯滕(Klinsmann Basten)和舍里琴科(Vieri Shevchenko)-在卢卡库-伊布拉希莫维奇对决之前,米兰德比已经目睹了无数伟大的中锋在同一领域竞争。与他们的前任相比,比利时前锋和瑞典人的得分率可能不那么出色,但他们以“全能”获胜。

Once again became the absolute protagonist of the derby, Ibrahimovic posted two fierce lions on social media after the game, one of which was full of blood, with the text: Hunger-Domineering as usual. In an interview after the game, Ibrahimovic said that the new crown once made him lose his sense of taste, but in any case, he will play in the derby. "That lion? In the derby (Ibrahimovic himself scored, but Milan eventually lost 2 to 4) I want to use this picture, haha." After scored twice, Ibrahimovic declared domineeringly: "I am not surprised , Because this is my normal level. Milan compete for the title? Of course there are opportunities. As long as you believe, you can do everything."

比赛结束后,易卜拉欣莫维奇再次成为德比的绝对主角,比赛结束后,易卜拉欣莫维奇在社交媒体上发布了两只凶猛的狮子,其中一只满是鲜血,上面写着:“平时的饥饿霸气”。比赛结束后,易卜拉欣莫维奇在接受采访时说,新的王冠曾经使他失去了品味,但是无论如何,他都会参加德比战。 “那头狮子?在德比大战中(易卜拉欣莫维奇本人得分,但米兰最终输给了2比4),我想用这张照片,哈哈。”两次得分后,易卜拉欣莫维奇大胆地宣布:“我并不感到惊讶,因为这是我的正常水平。米兰争夺冠军?当然有机会。只要您相信,您就可以做到一切。”

This is the second time Ibrahimovic has scored in the Milan Derby, but compared to the 2 to 4 in May 2012 that made the team officially declared the title defeat, the victory tonight is much sweeter. In the 13th minute, Ibrahimovic broke into the penalty area and was knocked down by Kolarov. It was exactly the same as the penalty he earned against Materazzi in the penalty area 10 years ago. This time, his goal was a bit twisted, Handanovic saved the penalty, but the Swedes reacted fast enough to immediately make a supplement. Three minutes later, when Leon's pass came to the back of the goal point, Ibrahimovic's teammates were ready to celebrate.


In addition to the two goals, Ibrahimovic continued to show the unique action of taekwondo stop and arranging feet, as well as the core role of the offensive end. In the game, he often pulled to the left, allowing Leon to insert into the middle. If the Portuguese striker's running position was not enough, the Swedish tower could have created more opportunities for the little brother. In the 77th minute, Pioli asked Ibrahimovic: Is there any energy? The answer given by the Swedes is: hold on for another 5 minutes. In the end, Ibrahimovic gritted his teeth and played the whole game. After the 5-minute energy bar ran out, he still gave Castillejo a fort in the penalty area and completed the frontcourt steal in the 90th minute of the game. Afterwards, Ibrahimovic squatted on the ground, he was already overstretched. Remember Fiorentina in the previous match against Inter Milan? Viola 7, two years younger than Ibrahimovic, was replaced at the end of the game after exhaustion, and the team immediately collapsed. In the derby, Ibrahimovic gritted his teeth more than the French, and his AC Milan also survived to the end.


After the game, Milan star Costacuta said that Ibrahimovic's role is far more than just the contribution on the court. Unlike the Milan dynasty he was in back then, some of the Rossoneri today have young players who have never played on a stage like San Siro. To get such a group of players into a ball and play in a strong team, Costacuta, who has played in Serie A for more than two decades, said this is no easy task. The existence of Ibrahimovic made Leon no longer lazy and rejuvenated, allowing Rebic to break through and rush back 60 meters back to defense. As Maldini said before the game: "We are truly a team."

比赛结束后,米兰球星科斯塔库塔(Costacuta)表示,易卜拉欣莫维奇的作用不仅限于场上的贡献。与当时的米兰王朝不同,如今的罗索尼里(Rossoneri)中有一些年轻球员从未有过像圣西罗(San Siro)这样的舞台演出。为了让如此多的球员成群结队,并组成一支强大的球队,在意甲效力超过20年的Costacuta表示,这绝非易事。易卜拉欣莫维奇(Ibrahimovic)的存在使莱昂(Leon)不再懒惰和恢复活力,让雷比奇(Rebic)突破并冲回60米处重新防守。正如马尔蒂尼在赛前所说:“我们是一支真正的团队。”

Compared to Ibrahimovic, another "giant" Lukaku's light on this field is slightly bleak, but in fact, the Belgian still helped the team score a goal, while making a huge contribution to the offensive end, allowing Romagnoli Played a very difficult game. After scoring 4 goals in 4 games, the Nerazzurri No. 9 has come to the top of the Serie A scorer. He hopes this season can go further than last year's bronze boots.


After receiving a pass from Perisic to push the empty goal, Lukaku proved that with the old partner of his predecessor Icardi, he can also complete the work of the "Tin Man". In addition, "Little Monster" can do more. In this game, you come and go, the offense was extremely fierce, and Lukaku's two major offensive magic weapons were perfectly displayed. One of them was making the ball: in the first half, he made a ball in the penalty area and gave it to Varela, but the latter's shot was too good and was won by Donnarumma. Before halftime, Lukaku had a wedding dress for his striker partner Lautaro in front of the penalty zone, but the Argentine couldn't grasp it either. Diego Milito has long seen through everything. In an interview, the Triple Crown forward said that partnering with Lukaku, there is no doubt that he can send himself to the blue and black Lautaro better. "Generous giant"-the Belgian striker even made some old Inter Milan fans vaguely remember the old captain Facchetti half a century ago.

在从Perisic传出推空球的传球之后,Lukaku证明了与他的前任Icardi的老搭档一起,他也可以完成“ Tin Man”的工作。另外,“小怪兽”可以做更多的事情。在这个游戏中,来来往往,进攻极为激烈,卢卡库的两大进攻魔法武器都得到了完美展示。其中一个在打球:上半场,他在罚球区打了一个球,将球交给了Varela,但后者的投篮实在太好了,被Donnarumma赢了。中场休息前,卢卡库(Lukaku)在禁区前为他的前锋搭档劳塔罗(Lautaro)穿着婚纱,但阿根廷人也无法把握。迭戈·米利托(Diego Milito)长期以来一直看透一切。在接受采访时,三冠王前锋表示,与卢卡库(Lukaku)合作,毫无疑问,他可以更好地将自己带到蓝色和黑色的Lautaro。 “慷慨的巨人”-比利时前锋甚至使一些国际米兰的老球迷模糊地记得半个世纪前的老队长法切蒂。

Lukaku's other major weapon is counterattack. The Belgian, who is tall and strong, is extremely fast, once the acceleration mode is turned on, few defenders in the world can hold it. In the 36th minute of the game, Lukaku began to attack in a counterattack, Milan's Special Olympics chased back. In the tactical and slow Serie A, the two staged a world-class drag scene. Take action and fall to the ground together. In the second half, the same kind of counterattack made a high-speed attack. Lukaku continued to threaten Milan’s goal. Facing Romagnoli, the Nerazzurri No. 9 was eaten raw; facing another central defender, Kjaer, he almost played for the team. Earned an equalizer penalty.

卢卡库的另一项主要武器是反击。身材高大强壮的比利时人非常快,一旦开启加速模式,世界上几乎没有防守者可以拥护它。在比赛的第36分钟,卢卡库(Lukaku)开始发起反击,米兰的特奥会被追回。在战术缓慢的意甲联赛中,两人上演了世界级的拖曳场面。采取行动,一起倒在地上。下半场,相同类型的反攻进行了高速进攻。卢卡库继续威胁米兰的进球。面对罗马涅利(Romagnoli),第9 nererururri被吃掉了。面对另一名中后卫Kjaer,他几乎为球队效力。获得了均衡器罚款。

From Ibrahimovic and Lukaku, to Atlanta's leading striker Zapata, and Naples' heavyweight new aid Ossimen, the new era of Serie A's outstanding center standard, "all-round" is the first. But compared to Ibrahimovic, who is nearly forty years old and still qualified to show everything on the court, Lukaku, who is a small round, just like most of the outstanding forwards in the world, lacks some goal finishing efficiency. With a good opportunity at the beginning of the second half, a tackle and a heel before the end of the game, the Nerazzurri forwards can keep the team unbeaten even if they grasp one of the three opportunities and continue to have a huge psychological advantage over their rivals in the same city in the derby. Conte also secretly beat his lover after the game: the team creates countless opportunities, but the ability to grasp needs to be improved.

从伊布(Ibrahimovic)和卢卡库(Lukaku),到亚特兰大的前锋扎帕塔(Zapata),以及那不勒斯(Naples)的重量级新援奥西蒙(Ossimen),这是意甲出色中心标准的新时代,“全方位”是第一个。但是与将近四十岁但仍然有资格在场上展示一切的易卜拉欣莫维奇相比,像世界上大多数出色的前锋一样,小轮回合的卢卡库缺乏一些进球效率。 Nerazzurri的前锋在下半场开始时有一个很好的机会,在比赛结束前有一个铲球和脚跟,即使他们抓住了这三个机会之一,并且仍然拥有巨大的心理优势,他们仍然可以保持球队不败。他们的对手在德比的同一座城市。比赛结束后,孔戴还暗中击败了他的爱人:球队创造了无数机会,但是把握能力需要提高。

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