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Arturo Vidal officially joined Inter Milan. The Chilean midfielder joined Inter Milan on a permanent transfer from Barcelona.

Arturo Vidal正式加入国际米兰。这位智利中场球员从巴塞罗那永久转会加入国际米兰。

A few steps, often barefoot. Young Arturo will leave his home in Calle Aníbal with his sister and head to "cancha", the only real attraction in the Vasco neighborhood of San Joaquin, Santiago, Chile. There he will let his sister keep the goal and help him practice his right foot shooting ability. These were Arturo’s carefree and happy moments, and soon he won the nickname "Cometierra" in the neighborhood; he played day and night, and was always covered in dust when he returned home. There is an inseparable connection between Vidal and Vasco. Growing up there is not easy, and many families are facing financial pressure. Vidal's football career began on a muddy stadium, where the boundaries of the stadium were cut in half by the tires of the wheels. In such an environment, the young Arturo is carrying a difficult time.

几步,通常赤脚。年轻的Arturo和他的妹妹将离开他在CalleAníbal的家,前往“ cancha”,这是智利圣地亚哥San Joaquin的Vasco附近唯一真正的吸引力。在那里,他将让他的姐姐保持进球并帮助他练习右脚投篮能力。这些是阿图罗无忧无虑的快乐时光,很快他就赢得了附近的绰号“ Cometierra”。他白天和黑夜都在玩,回到家时总是被尘土覆盖。 Vidal和Vasco之间有着不可分割的联系。在那里长大并不容易,许多家庭正面临经济压力。维达尔(Vidal)的足球生涯始于一个泥泞的体育场,那里的轮胎被轮毂轮胎切成两半。在这样的环境下,年轻的阿图罗度过了艰难的时期。

Arturo was born on May 22, 1987 (this day has a lot of significance in the history of Inter Milan). When we look back at his youth, one name has been repeated: Rodrindo-Romain. His waste recycling company provided work and food for many people in San Joaquin, including Arturo's father and grandfather. He is almost a fabulous figure locally, so much so that Vasco's team is now renamed after him.

阿图罗(Arturo)于1987年5月22日出生(这一天在国际米兰的历​​史上具有重要意义)。当我们回顾他的年轻时,曾重复一个名字:Rodrindo-Romain。他的废物回收公司为圣华金(San Joaquin)的许多人提供了工作和食物,包括阿图罗(Arturo)的父亲和祖父。他在当地几乎是一个了不起的人物,以至于Vasco的团队现在以他的名字更名。

Arturo Vidal's football career was also started on this team named after Rodrindo Roman. Football is the fire of his inspiration, and his mother Jacqui is the beacon of his growth. In a recent interview, Vidal was asked, "Who was your idol when you were a kid?" His answer was: "My mother." An idol, a person he can rely on. For Arturo and his brothers, it was a difficult time: they often found no food on the table when they returned home. They ran around in the mud, kicking the ball at the neighbor's house. In these years, Arturo began to build the armor of the warriors, he promised: "I want to be a football player."

Arturo Vidal的足球生涯也开始于这支以Rodrindo Roman命名的球队。足球是他灵感的源泉,他的母亲雅克(Jacqui)是他成长的灯塔。在最近的一次采访中,维达尔被问到:“小时候你的偶像是谁?”他的回答是:“我的母亲。”一个偶像,一个他可以依靠的人。对于阿图罗和他的兄弟来说,这是一个艰难的时期:他们回到家后,他们经常在桌子上找不到食物。他们在泥泞中跑来跑去,将球踢向邻居的房子。这些年,阿图罗开始制造勇士的盔甲,他承诺:“我想成为一名足球运动员。”

At the age of 12, Vidal rode a bicycle to Kolokolo for a trial. However, this long journey did not return the desired result, he could only return to Vasco to continue playing. There, he always performed far better than his peers; at the age of 11, he was already playing football with a 15-year-old kid. Three years later, after another trial training, he was finally accepted by the Kolo Kolo team and showed sufficient discipline on the court. Initially he was a defender on the court, full of energy and full of power on his right foot. In order to let his son continue to pursue his dream, his mother gave everything for him, set up a stall on the street, and dedicated all her energy to the child. In 2005, Arturo received a phone call when he was playing chess with his uncle. On the other side of the phone was Kolokolo’s coach Dabrovsky, who invited Arturo to join the first team, who hurriedly prepared his own things, even at that time he could not have a pair of brand new sneakers. Arturo used his first income to take his mother to the shopping center. It's really a luxury in a place where life is so hard.

12岁那年,维达尔(Vidal)骑自行车去科沃科洛(Kolokolo)进行审判。然而,这段漫长的旅程并没有返回预期的结果,他只能回到瓦斯科继续比赛。在那儿,他的表现总是比同龄人好得多。他11岁那年已经和一个15岁的孩子一起踢足球。三年后,在接受了另一次试训之后,他终于被科洛·科洛(Kolo Kolo)团队接受,并在球场上表现出足够的纪律。最初,他是场上的防守者,右脚充满能量和力量。为了让他的儿子继续追求自己的梦想,他的母亲为他献出了一切,在街上设立了摊位,并将所有精力都献给了孩子。 2005年,Arturo与叔叔下棋时接到了一个电话。电话的另一边是科洛科洛的教练达布罗夫斯基(Dabrovsky),他邀请阿图罗(Arturo)加入一线队,他们急忙准备自己的东西,即使当时他还没有一双全新的运动鞋。 Arturo用他的第一笔收入将母亲带到购物中心。在生活如此艰难的地方,这确实是一种奢侈。

The first two games Arturo played on behalf of the team were the last two rounds of the season, when Kolokolo had already secured the league championship. In the next two seasons, they were able to win the championship again. Under Claudio Borgi, Vidal began to grow. At that time, Alexis Sanchez was also playing for Colocolo, and now they meet again at Inter Milan. In addition to the changes on the court, Arturo's appearance has also changed, for which he has also earned a new nickname. For a while, teammates called him Celia Cruz, which is the name of a Cuban musician. Until one day, he appeared in the dressing room with a distinctive look-Mohigan hairstyle. From that day on, he was called "Celia Punk".

Arturo代表球队参加的前两场比赛是本赛季的最后两轮,当时Kolokolo已经获得了联赛冠军。在接下来的两个赛季中,他们再次获得了冠军。在克劳迪奥·博尔吉(Claudio Borgi)的领导下,维达尔(Vidal)开始成长。当时,亚历克西斯·桑切斯(Alexis Sanchez)也在为Colocolo效力,现在他们再次在国际米兰见面。除了球场上的变化之外,Arturo的外貌也发生了变化,为此他也赢得了一个新的绰号。有一段时间,队友称他为塞利亚·克鲁兹(Celia Cruz),这是古巴音乐家的名字。直到一天,他以更明显的莫希根发型出现在更衣室。从那天起,他被称为“塞莉亚·朋克”。

But even so, deep down, he has never changed. If he wants to succeed in life, he has only one choice: football. It is this attitude that created his warrior-like spirit on the court, and "Guerrero" (Warrior) was also a nickname given to him by his mother.


Leverkusen took a fancy to the Chilean midfielder in 2007, and Rudy Waller, the sports director of the Bundesliga team, expressed a keen interest in him. Waller once went to Chile to investigate Humberto Suazo, but was attracted by Vidal and decided to take him to Europe. Since then, Vidal’s football career has ushered in a new chapter. Although he is thousands of kilometers away from Vasco, he has always kept in touch with his homeland, thinking about the stadium in his hometown. As a warrior on the court, the court is where he feels closest to home, and his desire for victory made him persevere.

勒沃库森(Leverkusen)在2007年看中了智利中场,德甲球队体育总监鲁迪·沃勒(Rudy Waller)对他表示了浓厚的兴趣。沃勒曾经去智利调查温贝托·苏阿佐(Humberto Suazo),但被维达尔(Vidal)吸引,决定带他去欧洲。从那时起,维达尔的足球生涯就迎来了新的篇章。尽管他距Vasco几千公里,但他一直与家乡保持联系,并想着家乡的体育场。作为球场上的一名战士,球场是他感到最接近家乡的地方,他对胜利的渴望使他坚持不懈。

Although the time at Leverkusen was not smooth, these four years have been a process of growth for Bidal. In the last season of "Pharmaceutical Factory", he scored 13 goals and became the true leader of the team. Then he joined Juventus, coached by Antonio Conte, which was a crucial period in his career. At Juventus he became an all-around midfielder, a real winner. More and more goals followed. He scored 7 goals in his first season, 15 goals in the second season, 18 goals in the third season, and 8 goals in the last season.

尽管在勒沃库森的日子并不顺利,但这四年对于Bidal来说是一个成长的过程。在“制药厂”的最后一个赛季,他打入13球,成为球队的真正领导者。然后他加入了由安东尼奥·孔戴(Antonio Conte)执教的尤文图斯,那是他职业生涯的关键时期。在尤文图斯,他成为一名全能中场球员,真正的赢家。接下来的目标越来越多。他在第一个赛季进球7球,第二个赛季进球15球,第三个赛季进球18球,最后一个赛季进球8球。

After leaving Juventus, Vidal played for Bayern Munich and Barcelona. As a champion "frequent guest", he won the league championship in three different leagues for eight consecutive seasons. And that doesn’t stop there. He also won two America’s Cup titles with the Chilean national team. These two trophies have delighted the entire country of Chile, and he has become one of the key figures in maintaining good contact between the national team and the Chilean people. .

离开尤文图斯后,维达尔效力于拜仁慕尼黑和巴塞罗那。作为冠军“常客”,他连续八个赛季赢得了三个不同联赛的联赛冠军。而且还不止于此。他还与智利国家队一起赢得了两次美洲杯冠军。这两个奖杯使整个智利感到高兴,他已成为在国家队和智利人民之间保持良好联系的关键人物之一。 。

This is Arturo Vidal, and now he is also the owner of Rodlindo Roman Club. With his help, the team rebounded. He not only invested in the club, but also supported many projects in Vasco. No matter where he is on the field, no matter where the ball is rolling, his heart is with his hometown and with the beautiful football. The stadium is where Vidal put on the armor of the warriors, but deep in his heart, he will often remember his mother Jacqui. As long as he was hungry when he was a child, he would return home with a face full of mud, and his mother would always wait for him at the door.

这是阿图罗·维达尔(Arturo Vidal),现在他也是Rodlindo Roman Club的所有者。在他的帮助下,球队反弹。他不仅投资了俱乐部,还支持了Vasco的许多项目。无论他在球场上的什么地方,无论球在哪里滚动,他的心都与他的家乡和美丽的足球在一起。体育场是维达尔穿上勇士盔甲的地方,但他内心深处,他常常会想起他的母亲雅奎。只要他还是个孩子的时候就饿了,他都会带着满是泥泞的脸回到家,而母亲总是会在门口等他。

Starting today, Vidal will fight side by side with the Nerazzurri. His goal will not change-fight, fight with all his strength, and win. He will become the sixth Chilean player in the history of Inter Milan. The first is Ivan Zamorano. He is also a natural fighter, as well as David Pizarro, Luis Jimenez and Gary May. Del and Alexis Sanchez.

从今天开始,维达尔将与纳拉祖里并肩作战。他的目标不会改变战斗,竭尽所能,不会赢。他将成为国际米兰历史上第六位智利球员。第一位是伊万·萨莫拉诺(Ivan Zamorano)。他也是天生的战士,还有大卫·皮萨罗,路易斯·希门尼斯和加里·梅。 Del和Alexis Sanchez。

Now we can confirm that Vidal has come to Milan and officially became a member of Inter Milan. Arturo, welcome!


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