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On January 8, 2020, the 2019 African Footballer of the Year was officially announced.


In a routine interview after the coronation ceremony, the host said to Mr. Shinco: "You are about to win the Premier League..." Upon hearing this, Mr. Shinco immediately tapped the seat handle twice. . According to the British custom, knocking on wood can avoid bad luck. Therefore, this little action full of feudal superstition, the main idea expressed is-"please do not milk".

在加冕典礼后的例行采访中,主持人对新科先生说:“您即将赢得英超联赛……”听到这一消息后,新科先生立即轻拍了两次座位。 。按照英国的习俗,敲木头可以避免厄运。因此,这种封建迷信的小动作,主要思想表达为-“请不要挤奶”。

Sand sculpture-Mane, well-deserved reputation.


On April 10, 1992, Mane was born in a small village called Bambari in southern Senegal. Like many small villages in Africa, children here have been born with backwardness, poverty, and disease since childhood. Sometimes these gadgets have to be arranged and combined, and they are scattered and shaken up again.


Obviously, Mane was just a shaken child. His family was poor. He lost his father at the age of 7, and his uncle raised him. There are 7 siblings in the family. The whole family lives on farming. In this case, the family certainly hopes that he can have a stable job to supplement the family as soon as possible. What an unrealistic football dream.


According to his mother's plan, Mane's highest ideal should be to become a rural teacher. However, "in my opinion, football is the only job I can do very well." So, the poor boy Mani began to support himself.


Although he has no money to buy football-"My friends and I tried to practice with grapefruit. When the grapefruit is still immature, it won't be explosive."


He also has no money to buy equipment—"No one in our village can afford a pair of sneakers. Even if there is a small partner who buys sneakers, he usually doesn’t wear them when playing football, because wearing sneakers will hurt other barefoot kids. partner."


But with the diy abilities inspired by his dreams, Mane still grows into the Bambari ball king in the absence of what he wants. Then when he needed to go further, he chose to run away from home...


Yes, because his family had been opposed to him playing football, he was barefoot when he was 15 years old, borrowed money from a bus, carried a small package, and ran to the capital Dakar for a trial without his family. You know, Mane and his village belong to the remote mountainous area in Senegal. To reach the capital Dakar from here, you need to cross another country, Gambia. Unfortunately, this arduous escape career lasted only two weeks. Due to a friend's "information", Mane was quickly captured by his family from Dakar.


Mane said that the day he returned to the village was the worst day of his life. At that time he was full of resentment towards his family and threatened that "if you don't let me continue to play football, I will continue to run out." . In order to appease the bear boy who loves to play football, the family and Mane reached an agreement: "After one year, I will send you to play football."

鬃毛说,他回到村庄的那一天是他一生中最糟糕的一天。那时他对家人充满不满,并威胁说:“如果你不让我继续踢足球,我将继续筋疲力尽。” 。为了安抚喜欢踢足球的小男孩,一家人和鬃毛达成了一项协议:“一年后,我将送您踢足球。”

A year later, his uncle helped Mane collect tuition and sent him to the AS Generation Foot youth academy in Dakar, a football school that once trained Papyz Cisse and Diafa Sako . In the first trial training when he entered the school, Ma Nei wore a pair of torn clothes and a pair of shoes barely mended with iron wire, and staged the big four with this outfit.

一年后,他的叔叔帮助Mane收取学费,并将他送往达喀尔的AS Generation Foot青年学院,这是一所足球学校,曾经对Papyz Cisse和Diafa Sako进行过培训。在进入学校的第一次试训中,马内穿着一副破破烂烂的衣服和一双勉强用铁丝修补的鞋子,并用这套衣服上演了四人大赛。

In this way, Mane became a key training object in the school.


Two years later, the AS Generation Foot youth academy's association school Metz youth academy found Mane. In January 2011, a scout named Palin extended an invitation to Mane and gave him a ticket to France.

两年后,AS一代足部青年学院协会学校梅斯青年学院成立了Mane。 2011年1月,一个名叫佩林的侦察员向马内发出邀请,并给了他一张去法国的票。

From Senegal to France, Mane completed a Dakar rally in the opposite direction in five years.


We are accustomed to the story of getting rich in the "post in March, over a million in three years", and always feel that everything is a matter of course. But in fact, every successful experience will have countless big setbacks and small somersaults. For example, Mane’s first feeling after arriving in France is not prosperous and wealthy, but: it’s so cold...


The average temperature in Senegal in January is 23 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature in January in France is 8 degrees Celsius. Soon, there was a story circulating in the Metz youth academy: a black guy rubbed his hands, stomped his feet, and sucked his nose during his first trial. He was frozen back after only staying on the court for five minutes. locker room. To make matters worse, in the first youth team game that followed, Mane did not show any advantages in the scout report-he lost his speed, his explosive power was average, and his breakthrough was not sharp. Palin who discovered him even doubted himself. The Mane brought to France is a fake. Mane, who was replaced early, was crying in the locker room. Later, when Palin asked, he learned that Mane had concealed his left adductor injury.


"Why don't you say it hurts?"


"I'm afraid I will be sent back to Africa if I say."


Indeed, as an "older young man" who only went to Europe for a trial at the age of 19, Mane is no longer young. For the next six months, Mane's only job was to heal his injuries. Every day from the dormitory to the physiotherapy to the canteen, there is no family, no friends, and one person faces the uncertain future.


Fortunately, when he got rid of the injury, everything on the scout report came back.


——In July 2011, the Metz Club signed the first professional contract with Mane.


——Four months later, when Jiang Sihan, the European correspondent of Sports Weekly, went to Metz to interview Wang Chu, he took the picture that was widely circulated in China.


"Bow", "Photograph", "Send to Mom", "Is it free?"


Believe me, if you hold a "Inspirational Pictures" column in the football world, this photo must be on the list.


Of course, inspirational stories will never go smoothly. In fact, Mane’s first season in Metz (2011-12 season) was not outstanding. He played 19 games for Metz and only scored 1 goal, and the team was sadly dropped at the end of the season. Class. Fortunately, there are countless scouts active in the stands of various French leagues every day. These "football matchmakers" have countless resources in their hands, and as soon as they have a favorite player, they immediately start to protect the media. As a result, Ma Nei, who can eat, work, and work was quickly spotted by the matchmaker.


After the start of three games at the French national level (third level league) in the 2012-2013 season, the wealthy Austrian powerhouse Red Bull Salzburg offered Mane a transfer fee of £4 million. In the face of the club's third-highest transfer value in history, Metz, who is not financially rich, did not hesitate to change Mane into money.


There are rumors that the Salzburg Red Bull coach at the time had long been attracted to Mane, only to wait for Metz to lower the price for half a year after the relegation, but I did not expect that Metz would still sell happily after the price reduction. At that time, the Salzburg Red Bull coach was the former coach of Beijing Guoan, Roger Schmidt.


In this way, Schmidt bought the long-awaited Mane, and Mane also lived up to expectations in the first season of joining the Red Bull Salzburg, with 19 goals and 10 assists. After the 2012-2013 season, Mane liked the invitation of Tottenham Hotspur because of his outstanding performance, but under Schmidt's persuasion, Mane decided to help Red Bull to achieve another season's achievements.

这样,施密特买下了期待已久的鬃毛,而鬃毛在加入红牛萨尔茨堡的第一个赛季也达到了19个进球和10个助攻的期望。 2012-2013赛季后,Mane因其出色的表现而喜欢托特纳姆热刺的邀请,但在Schmidt的劝说下,Mane决定帮助红牛取得另一个赛季的成就。

As a result, the Red Bull Salzburg in the 2013-14 season broke out completely. Under the leadership of Beijing Guoan’s former coach Roger Schmidt, Mane and Beijing Guoan’s former foreign aid Soriano and Beijing’s current foreign aid Alan formed a terrifying trident. They not only won the league championship five rounds ahead of schedule, but also With 105 goals in 33 rounds, the team surpassed Vienna and quickly became the club with the most goals in a single season in the history of the Austrian Super League.

结果,萨尔茨堡红牛队在2013-14赛季完全爆发了。在北京国安前教练罗杰·施密特(Roger Schmidt)的领导下,马内(Mane)和北京国安的前外援索里亚诺(Soriano)和北京目前的外援艾伦(Alan)组成了一个可怕的三叉戟。他们不仅提前五轮赢得了联赛冠军,而且在33轮比赛中以105个进球入超了维也纳,并迅速成为奥地利超级联赛历史上单赛季进球最多的俱乐部。

Red Bull knows that Mane, who has contributed 23 goals and 18 assists in 50 games, can no longer keep it.


In the summer window of the 2014-15 season, Southampton sold Luke Shaw to Manchester United for 37.5 million euros, Chambers to Arsenal for 20.23 million, and Lallana, Lovren, and Lambert for 61.8 million. It was packaged to Liverpool and, together with the scattered silver scraps sold, the income exceeded 120 million euros.


After the blood loss, they also took out some small money to replenish fresh blood, bought Tadic, Pellet and Sean Long for 38 million, rented Aldweireld and Bertrand, and then transferred In the last two hours of the deadline, Mane was signed with 15 million buzzers.

失血后,他们还拿出一些小钱补充新鲜血液,以3,800万美元的价格收购了Tadic,Pellet和Sean Long,租用了Aldweireld和Bertrand,然后转让。在截止日期的最后两个小时,Mane与15百万蜂鸣器。

That season, Southampton had a net income of 50 million euros in the summer window, ranking seventh in the Premier League at the end of the season.


For such a transfer operation, there are only two words, awesome.


In his first season at Southampton, Mane scored 10 goals. The 10 goals included a hat-trick of 2 minutes and 56 seconds, goals scored against Chelsea and Arsenal, as well as the final lore against Crystal Palace and QPR, which is the king of gold.


In the 2015-16 season, Mane seemed to have hit the second-year wall. Some of his playing routines were touched by other teams. The two red cards in the previous season also made him a little daunted. It was not until October that Mane ushered in the first highlight moment-the League Cup quarter-finals, Mane knocked on Liverpool's goal in just 39 seconds. However, after this lightning shot, Mane withered again. He fell into a five-month scoring drought, and various bizarre airplanes gradually made him lose confidence, and he spent more and more time with the water fountain to keep warm. At this time, it is Liverpool again! Come with full of warmth.


On March 21, 2016, Southampton played against Liverpool at home. In the first half, when Liverpool took a two-goal lead, Mane, who came off the bench in the second half, scored two dollars and helped the team complete a shocking reversal.


On the sidelines, Klopp, who had just taken over as Liverpool coach for half a year, was lost in thought...


In 2013, scouts introduced Mane to Dortmund's coach Klopp and facilitated their first meeting. But, "Mane sat there, wearing a baseball cap crooked, and the golden stripe on his head is still there, just like a rapper who just made his debut. I thought it was a waste of my time."




Haven't seen it in three years, the vicissitudes of life. Stripping away those initial prejudices, on a cold March day, Mane, with the warmth gifted by Liverpool’s defense line, listened to Klopp sing "Can my old ticket still board your broken ship..."


——In early June 2016, Mane, who is already very close to Manchester United, received a call from Klopp.


——On June 28, Liverpool sent a bride price of 34 million pounds.


Mane said: "Yes, I do."


Li Cheng.

l i Cheng.

The reason why Manchester United lost to Liverpool in the battle for Mane was because Van Gaal's ability to fudge was not as good as Klopp, and the second was because it seemed that 34 million pounds to buy Mane was a premium deal at the time.

曼联在争夺Mane的比赛中输给利物浦的原因是因为Van Gaal的软糖能力不及Klopp,其次是因为当时看来以3400万英镑购买Mane是一笔高价交易。

However, Mane soon brought an unforgettable debut for the Red Army fans: in the first round of Liverpool's 4-3 victory over Arsenal in the 2016-17 season, a black general, a black general, on the gunner’s turf, Thousands of miles to ride alone.


So far, Zhihu’s question "How to evaluate Liverpool's signing of Mane" still has many answers left by the mockers at the time, but then Liverpool fans have more answers. I hope that this question and "scratch the lottery is What kind of experience" is directly related.


Yes, Liverpool made it.


At the beginning of joining Liverpool, we felt that Mane was like this.


——He has spring-like explosive power and second start speed, and he can play drifting when driving an electric car.


——He has the highest shooting efficiency when his body loses the center of gravity, and his scoring rate is much higher than that of honest push.


——He joined the square dance army led by Fimi, although he was always the shyest at first.


——He is Klopp's first generation thigh, but he can't reach the height that other teams can remember.


In the 2016-17 season, Mane was in a very comfortable position. Coutinho and Firmino, who are good at passing, are next to Klein who is good at defense. Someone is breastfeeding and someone wipes their buttocks. These are all very selfless, so all of Mane’s talents are released. On the offensive end.


However, the world is not a static world of a one-off transaction, but a dynamic balance. After Coutinho was transferred due to a back injury, Mane felt that he should take more responsibility as an old man in the palace. Therefore, in the 2017-18 season, as the first in the class, he worked hard to help an Egyptian transfer student named Salah. Not only did he give up his seat, but he also often helped the transfer student with homework, and then accidentally helped everyone else. First grade.


In the 2018-19 season, this iron and hanhan slapped the taste slowly. He began to have a sense of competition with Salah. Sometimes Salah asked him questions and said he would not, and then often answered the questions quietly. . In the final exam, he and Salah tied for first place in the whole year.

在2018-19赛季中,这种铁和hanhan慢慢拍打了味道。他开始对萨拉赫产生竞争感。有时萨拉(Salah)向他询问问题,并说他不会,然后经常悄悄地回答这些问题。 。在期末考试中,他和萨拉赫并列全年第一。

In the 2019-20 season, the competition in the class was more obvious, and he was even furious because Salah refused to tell him a very simple question. Until the head teacher Klopp talked to them: "You have all been recommended to Tsinghua and Peking University. Now the important thing is the overall grades of the class." So, for a while, the two of them taught each other like crazy for some seemingly easy homework. ...

在2019-20赛季,班上的比赛更加明显,他甚至大发脾气,因为萨拉赫拒绝告诉他一个非常简单的问题。直到班主任克洛普与他们交谈之前:“你们都被推荐去了清华大学和北京大学。现在重要的是班级的整体成绩。”因此,有一段时间,他们两个像疯了一样互相教书,进行一些看似简单的作业。 ...

There is no doubt that Mane is a man of brotherly loyalty. "When I get to my head, I will cover you." This can be seen from his later helping Keita, feeding Minano Takumi, and supporting Senegal's younger brother Sarri. But one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers is the instinct that male animals carry in their wombs, so when he and Salah both start to yearn for the apex of the pyramid, competition is inevitable.

毫无疑问,鬃毛是忠诚于兄弟的人。 “当我站起来时,我会掩盖你的。”从他后来帮助Keita,喂养Minano Takumi和支持塞内加尔的弟弟Sarri可以看出这一点。但是一只山不能容忍两只老虎是雄性动物怀胎的本能,因此当他和萨拉赫都开始向往金字塔的顶点时,竞争就不可避免。

But how do you say that? The height of your competitors determines your height.


Compared to four years ago, Mane is now playing the position of a winger, carrying the organizer's number, doing the job of making up the defense, can send a large arc of through ball, and occasionally play a bit "this ball is a pass. I saw Salah, but I really want to score a goal. Forget it he didn’t pass it to me last time. But once Liverpool got into the opponent’s bus, Salah was trapped, Firmino was invisible, Arnold At the beginning of the xjb pass, Liverpool had to count on Mane-because only he could come up with some magical operations that didn't know how to get through, pass, shoot out, and this posture was so amazing.


Want to be more specific?


——He took over Liverpool's No. 10 shirt.


——He started to try a lot of things that brain workers can do, often sneaking to the middle to be a pass transfer station.


—— Robertson's pressure on the defensive end is much less than Arnold.


—— His second reaction has evolved into the strangest sense of rhythm in world football. The moment of dealing with the ball after stopping the defect is the most powerful in football history.


——His heart is getting bigger and bigger, it's nothing more than playing Neuer, and the penalty kick in the Champions League final seems to be deliberate.


——His face is getting thicker and thicker, and the repeat checking rate of celebrating actions is as high as 90%.


——He is the thigh of the European championship team, he is the African footballer.


——The giants all over the world want to buy him.


And, there is a consensus basically reached by Liverpool fans: Salah can offer a price, Mane is not for sale.


Mane once said, "I don't need 10 Ferraris, 20 diamond watches, or 2 airplanes. These items will be of little use to me and the world."


So he did a lot of useful things to the world.


For example, he built an elementary school for a village in Senegal, and it was done anonymously. His charity was only exposed by the media a year later. When asked why he didn't tell such a positive thing to the public, he said that he did not do it to be famous.


For example, pictures of him working as a cleaner in a mosque spread all over the Internet. The reason was just because "I saw a man cleaning with a child in the mosque, so I asked them why they didn't go home early. But the person said he wanted to work. , I have to clean up before I can leave, so I stepped forward and said,'I will help you so that you can go home early.' Then someone came over and asked if you could take a photo. I said,'Yes, but only if I can’t publish it to the public because I don’t want to publish it’, the person replied that it’s okay. But the next day, I saw the video online..."

例如,他在清真寺做清洁工的照片遍布互联网。原因只是因为“我在清真寺看到一个男人正在打扫着孩子,所以我问他们为什么他们不早回家。但是那个人说他想工作。,我必须打扫卫生才能离开。 ,所以我上前说:“我会帮助您,让您早点回家。”然后有人过来问你是否可以拍照,我说:“是的,但只有当我因为不想公开而不能公开发布时,”那个人回答说可以。第二天,我在线观看了视频...”

For example, he built a school, a hospital and a stadium in his hometown to provide clothes, shoes and food for the extremely poor. And his broken screen phone has been used for a long time, and it was given by Wijnaldum.


"I walked from the streets of Dakar. The road is very difficult. You must know that not all African children have the opportunity to become European professional league players. These memories have helped me learn to never give up and go on. You want to get rid of Poverty and hunger require hard work, and when opportunities arise, you can grasp them smoothly."


When I heard this interview, Mane appeared in my mind when he was 15 years old. Thin, shy, and lonely, looking up to the light in the dark, only when the fog clears, dare to leave home alone...


Twelve years later, he became a copy of King Kong, pasted Tai Sui, with his own writing wheel eyes, the name can be inside or outside, the founder of tactical suspension, and then he sat on the throne of the African Footballer, the host called him King of Africa.


This is the story of Sand Sculpture-Mane.


Do you believe in the power of dreams?


I believe it.


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